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CEO Valerie Petreson
CEO Valerie Peterson

As a woman, there is one struggle that is understood more universally than any other: your heels have been marred and scuffed, and it’s time to say goodbye to them.

If you are tired of throwing away your heels at the slightest inconvenience or scratch, you are not alone. A woman's connection with her favorite shoe is forever, and Hot Shot Heels is here to help protect your heels, preserve their genuine wear ability, and glamorous looks for years to come.

Valerie designed  Hot Shot Heels© to inspire women. She knew that heel protectors needed to be clean, glossy, and fit any form of stilettos.  Hot Shot Heels© were designed to evoke natural sexuality and confidence.

The truth is, before  Hot Shot Heels© entered the marketplace, most heel protectors were made of plastic and other insufferable materials that not only disrespected the body – they didn’t last.

Valerie's son Scott, placed a 45mg colt shell casing on his ex wife's pair of stiletto boots to cover worn heels. Then, something unique and magical happened. Those stilettos looked brand-new.

Valerie was seized with inspiration and knew that she had a duty to proliferate and bring this product to the world. Too many women were out there in desperate need of Hot Shot Heels©. Their stilettos, and heels of all kinds, are crying out for an extra chance at life.

Hot Shot Heels© helps your heels regain their beauty just as much as they empower you to show your beauty to the world. Valerie knew that looking sexy, feeling sexy, and having the confidence to act sexy was important to women all over the world. That’s why she tirelessly toiled until she had the perfect, high quality design. Valerie’s clients, and the clients of   Hot Shot Heels© have felt this elevated sense of quality for quite some time – and now, that level of heel quality can be yours.

Hot Shot Heels© will keep your heels glamorous, new, and resiliently form-fitting. Don't be afraid to strut your sense of style. Footwear and shoes are at the epicenter of every woman's fashion sense.

Keep your heels prepared to walk the whole nine yards each day, with Hot Shot Heels© today!


​Message from Valerie:

This product was envisioned by my son Scott Allen Gossel.

Scott was tragically killed in an auto accident Feb 2nd, 2019. This website is dedicated to his legacy and to carry on for his brother Dennis,sister in law Leah, nephew Devin and niece Marlee.

In loving memory of my Son never forgotten and forever in my heart. I love you!

Love Mom



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